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Emma Sariah. Taken. Mile HIGH. Good vibes only. :) ☼☽ ☯



****GlassAddicts Giveaway!!!!!*****

To celebrate reaching almost 3,000 followers, I’m giving away this sweet double-bowl owl pipe from BOGlass. It’s a solid pipe made from borosilicate and pyrex glass with silver fuming on the body. I’ve always thought it looks like clouds were creeping up over the piece. Super awesome.


-You must live in the USA 

-You must be following this blog

-You MUST reblog this post to enter. Likes are welcome, but do NOT count as an entry. You can reblog as many times as you’d like, so go crazy :D

Contest Ends July 25th at 4:20pm EST. Shipping is on me!

The winner will be chosen with a random generator. If you are the winner, you will have 7 days to get back to me with your address or another winner will be chosen. Good luck!

Want this bc it’s a couple days after my 17th b-day and I LOVE owls with a passion, and weed of course haa

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heyarnoold asked: Sorry forget say u: Good Morning😳


Good morning!!! Hope you have a fantabulous day! 🌞 ^.^

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A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.

Reblog if it’s okay to invade your ask box.

Do itttt!!!

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Please keep this circulating. Cops are getting more and more brazen, know your rights!

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ppl who constantly radiate bad vibes are so exhausting like how are you always so that way

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